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Through its Engineering Department, AEREA S.p.A. is fully autonomous in the design, development and support of its products. Main capabilities within the Engineering Department are:
• Structural Analysis (mode shapes and natural frequencies, transient dynamics, shock spectrum, frequency response and random vibrations. Non- linear static, non-linear dynamic, and non-linear heat transfer)
• Kinematics simulation;
• Maintainability Analysis and Reliability;
• Safety Analysis;
• FTA and FMECA;
• Environmental Tests;
• Strength and Fatigue Testing;
• Dynamic Tests;
• Functional and Endurance Tests;
• Configuration Management;
• Technical Manual Editing;
• Product Support;
• Training Course;

Product development and simulation are carried out by means of a wide range of technical support of specific SW tools in order to implement the capability in simulation and develop, like Unigraphics, Catia, MSC Nastran, MSC Adams, MSC Dytran NCode, Labview.

AEREA’s production department is well organized to perform all the required management activities through production planning, manufacturing shop, engineering manufacturing, assembling and storage with the capability of integrated computerizing system. The Planning Office is responsible for scheduling necessary activities according to delivery requirements and for controlling, through program duration, the meeting of deadlines. Manufacturing Engineering prepares the manufacturing process by indicating the sequence of the operations, designs the special tooling required to manufacture the various components with the right configuration and with the required quality level, selects the standard tooling required for production, supports the procurement office during selection of subcontractors, supports the subcontractors during the execution of the subcontracted operation and prepares the CNC software in accordance with aeronautical specifications, with materials typically used for this type of equipment, such as high-strength steels, maraging, titanium, light aluminium alloys and more. AEREA also is certified to perform composite drilling, repair, assembly, shimming and sealing for airframe application as part of its production capabilities, Main machined works are executed in the machining shop centre equipped with new CNC machining. At aeronautical construction shop all the commissioned components are assembled and completed.