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ACMA GmbH, is a joint venture company equally owned by AEREA and EADS Deutschland and was created in 1989 in order to study, develop and produce Store Carriage, Release and Launching Systems for the EFA TYPHOON.

Established in 1927, AEREA S.p.A. is one of the oldest Italian privately owned companies operating in the aerospace field.

In 1974, due to a change in ownership, an intensive development and research program was initiated, which resulted in a series of new products and capabilities. This initiative allowed AEREA to regain its leadership position in Italy and also provided for expansion in the international market. The Company is now well established on an international basis and is highly specialized in design, development, production maintenance and logistic support of defense equipment and release systems, structural components and ground support equipment for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. AEREA operates both independently and by teaming with other companies via ownership or joint venture relationships in order to meet customer requirements.