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The Company Quality System complies with EN 9100 and ISO 9001 and recognizes AER-Q-2110 (AQAP-2110) as NATO rule. Moreover the Company is subject to Italian technical supervision (UTT - NQAR) which surveys the company and supervises the manufacture of the aeronautical structures to be directly or indirectly delivered to Defense Divisions - as well as - those productions for which supervision is required by STANAG 4107. All the company departments contribute to achieve, develop and maintain functional quality standards and to improve the company’s quality systems. The fulfillment of the company's obligations is detailed in the Company's Quality Manual.


The Quality Department (QD) has the duties to verify the accomplishments of the Quality System by means of audit/review activities (performed at regular intervals), to ensure the requested quality standards through all phases (contract, project, production, suppliers monitoring) and to ensure conformity of final products.

Quality Assurance is in charge of managing qualification and auditing processes, training, and deviation/waiver procedures.

Quality Control is dedicated to the actual inspection activities of materials, components and assembled parts that arrive and /or leave the company.